In The Round – An Evening With Craig Bickhardt and Don Henry


Saturday, April 8, 2017 – 8PM

They’re Back!!

Between their Grammy’s, Chart Topping Hits and Oscar Winning Movie Songs these Gentlemen are Masters of their Craft.  From happy to sad to tender to angry to love’s loss – and everywhere in between – Join us for an evening not to forget.

Tickets are $25.00 at the door



Don Henry

“Henry comes across as a first cousin to Randy Newman, writing hot-wired songs about born-again whores, interfaith marriages, and the homeless taking over the White House. This is funny and thought provoking stuff, all of it good”………………Entertainment Weekly

“Henry serves up right-brain whimsy on par with WHITE ALBUM era McCartney, John Sebastian, and John Prine……..Don Henry’s songs are little movies that are every bit as funny and moving as something like “RAISING ARIZONA.”…………..BAM Magazine

“Don Henry may be the next Randy Newman, a piercingly insightful songwriter who uses irony like a scalpel. From musings on the cult of leadership to bittersweet love songs and sheer whimsy, Henry is a winner on every track.”……….L.A. Reader

Craig Bickhardt

When Craig Bickhardt steps onto a concert stage, he comes equipped with his trusty acoustic guitar. A side musician or two will frequently join him. He’s also accompanied by something invisible, yet ever-present: the stories of a lifetime, vividly translated into words and melody.

From the boisterous club scene of Philadelphia to the country-rock milieu of Los Angeles to the picking parlors of Nashville, Craig has immersed himself in the sights and sounds of American music. His music reflects a life lived as a rock band lead singer, a solo troubadour, a dedicated songwriter, a husband and father. Dreams, heartaches and hard-earned lessons have fed his creativity. There is no other way he could’ve written the eloquent, often bittersweet songs that have become his trademark.