Live In-Person: Reggie & Greg: “Deeper than the Skin”


February 20, 2022, Sunday, doors open 7:00, performance starts 7:30

Deeper Than The Skin is the story of our lives in a musical setting. Born three days apart, one of us from the Capital of the Confederacy, the other descended from a Confederate general and a West Indian slave on a plantation just outside of Richmond. Our friendship is an example of what common interests, respect, honesty, and love can overcome. It’s a quintessentially American story and needs to be told in these times of division. It is punctuated by the songs we’ve written about the various turns in our lives. It’s an experience. Together they have a unique story. Born three days apart, they discovered well into their 30 years friendship that they both trace their ancestry back to the James River in Richmond, VA, where 300,000 captured Africans were brought ashore. The river brought Reggies ancestors to a plantation in Ashland. With beautifully performed songs and words, they share a compelling story of racial injustice faced down with creative resistance, friendship, music and joy.


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A well-traveled performer, lecturer and cultural ambassador, Reggie Harris has earned wide acclaimed and respect from peers and audiences alike throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and around the world. He combines spirituals and roots music, historic inspiration, and moving original songs, often in the themes of unity and social justice.

Greg Greenway has been described as “one of the strongest, and finest voices in folk music.” The Boston Globe wrote, “Confessional one moment, rambunctiously disarming the next, few modern folk singers can own a coffeehouse stage as completely as Greenway.”

“Deeper Than the Skin” is an experience of singing and listening… of experiencing a connection so deep that it makes you laugh, smile, cry and reconsider what you know about our history. It’s an invitation to open your heart and mind to a story of shared humanity that resonates with your own.

Two friends… one Black, one White… one from the North… one from the South! Musicians, storytellers, students of history and world travelers… born 3 day apart! Two separate narratives forged into one powerful friendship aimed at finding common ground and helping others to do the same.

Deeper Than the Skin brings together a remarkable journey that started 30 years ago and is now offering hope to people all over the nation. It’s a presentation that ends with an open dialogue that moves the audience from emotion into action…that gives voice and direction to the question “What can I do?”

Deeper Than the Skin is an interactive, engaging invitation to take a step into a new reality. It’s an affirmation of the notion that a more perfect union begins…. with us!

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