Voices Cafe Tee Shirt Contest

To Start off Season 6 we thought we’d like to make up some custom Voices Cafe Tee Shirts.  And because of the amazing amount of creativity and talent present in our Audiences we thought – “Why not have a contest?  Let our audience submit designs for a Tee Shirt that best represents Voices Cafe.”  So here it is.

Draw, Paint, Sketch, Photoshop, take a Picture – you get the idea.  Come up with some cool text.  Assemble in your Software of choice – or scan it if you want – or we can.  We’ll come up with a template as to size – ‘real’ size artwork works best – and you can Design to your hearts content.

Submit your design by September 18th and we will announce a Winner at our October 8th Show.  Enter as many times as you wish. Winner gets 2 Season Passes.  And everlasting acclaim.

NOTE: If you have questions about the contest or have trouble with the registration form or uploading your design (or want to give use the design in person) – PLEASE, let us know via the registration form.

Image Option Formats

jpg,pdf, tiff, eps, psd, actual drawing on paper, photo

Color Mode

RGB, 8-bit

Image Resolution

300 DPI

Sizing of design/image

Standard 17.5″ x 19″
Oversized 19″ x 25″
All-over 40″ x 35″