Live Music at Voices Café!

Our vision is to be a center of inspiration and spiritual growth for those who come to experience performing artists whose messages are powerful, provocative, fun, and uplifting. The series will support the values of social justice, community, stewardship, and spiritual nourishment and will be a tangible demonstration of the Unitarian mission to Inspire, Connect, and Act.

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Take a look at About Us or read the right column for more information.  Please note:  Children 12 and under are free.  Donations always welcome!

Unless otherwise noted, ALL SHOWS ARE AT 8PM.  Doors open 30 minutes before show time.

Up Next:

Voices Cafe is proud to welcome Cheryl Wheeler to our main stage on May 10th!

Lisa Reisman recently had this to say about Cheryl in Shoreline TImes:

‘There is poet-Cheryl, with a rare gift for writing songs with luxuriant melodies and some of the most lovely, well-crafted, and intelligent lyrics on the folk scene. This is the critically acclaimed tunesmith whose songs have been covered by such bold-faced names as Bette Midler, Kenny Loggins, Peter, Paul and Mary, and Garth Brooks.

This is also the deft finger-picker and rich silken alto renowned for her live performances with its mix of complex melodies and what the Boston Globe describes as her “achingly honest songs of love and loss.”

Then there is comic-Cheryl, who’s known to take shots at society, culture, and pretty much anything she finds funny.

This is the cutting satirist who finds material in life events such as applying for a home mortgage and news stories about stranded cruise ships. One Carnival Cruise ship, in particular, whose passengers were treated to a helicopter-dropped care package of Pop Tarts and Spam. The story inspired a song titled, well, “Pop Tarts and Spam.”

It’s the seasoned storyteller who bravely details the daunting challenges she faced early in her career. Specifically, her first professional gig at the Steak and Ale Restaurant in her hometown of Timonium, Md. The establishment had only one PA system. In the middle of her songs, as she tells it on her website, you would hear: “Jones, party of four… Jones, party of four.” She finally convinced them to get a second PA system.

Otherwise, there might never have been “Shutcher Piehole,” a song Wheeler conceived when the tune to the Mexican Hat Dance got stuck in her head while walking her dog one day. Using that melody, she decided to create a tongue-twisting song about potatoes. The expression, “shut your pie hole,” became the song “Shutcher Piehole,” which Wheeler wrote envisioning fans would shout out “Shutcher Piehole!” when requesting it.

And yes, it’s been suggested that Wheeler could be a stand-up comedian.

Nonsense, she says. “I’d have to be a sit-down comedian. I’m 62. I ain’t standing up.”’

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